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Matt Naha,
Licensed Real Estate Agent

Making Your Vision a Reality

Back when I was a kid with dreams bigger than myself, I worked my tail off to get a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and later, a master's in Business. Fast forward, I kick-started my own consulting company and dove into the wild world of real estate around 2012. But let me tell you, real estate wasn't the walk in the park I thought it'd be. One Thanksgiving night, my phone rang off the hook – my tenant was panicking about water flooding the place. Water, as you probably know, wreaks havoc on everything it touches – floors, walls, furniture, you name it. So there I was, scratching my head, thinking, "What on earth do I do?" I tried reaching out to the condo association, but they were all MIA, thanks to the holiday. And don't get me started on trying to find plumbers who weren't ready to let go of the turkey leftovers. Looking back, I wish I had a wise consultant, advisor, or coach to turn these real estate roller coasters into a breeze. And now? Well, I want to be that go-to guide for you. No need to stress about buying or selling a house when you're in the dark about the details. Choose me, and I promise to make the whole process as smooth as butter – leaving you free to dream up how you'll celebrate after closing. Outside the real estate hustle, I'm just your average Joe – keeping it real, finding balance, and cherishing my family. Oh, and I'm a super fan of group activities. Let's make a story together, schedule a free consultation today.

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